Abundance Spell

Abundance is the state of plentitude, of having more than
just your basic needs fulfilled. Bread may be the staff of life,
but abundance spreads some jam on it. Most cultures have
had gods and goddesses who rule abundance, and this spell
invokes many of them. You will need:
a green candle
an orange
a piece of bread (A chunk of bread ripped from a
fresh loaf is best, but even a slice of commercial
bread will work.)
a dish of salt
your wallet, or whatever you usually keep your
money in
Cut the orange into quarters. Hold the candle by its wick
with your receptive hand. Use your projective hand to
slowly rub the orange on it until the whole candle is
glistening with juice. Set the candle down in an upright
position, and allow it to dry.
The Spell
Gather the spell ingredients. Get into a magickal mood, and
create sacred space around the area where you will be
working. Focus on abundance, and raise power. Concentrate
on what abundance means to you, and what welcome
changes it might bring to your life. Remember that
abundance takes other forms besides money: an abundance
of friends, love, health, or blessings is often more valuable
than money.
Place the candle on your altar or other working surface,
and position the bread and salt in front of it. Place your
wallet to its right. Light the candle. Sprinkle a large pinch of
salt over the bread and a smaller pinch over your wallet.
Open your hands and hold them, palms up, on either side
of the burning candle. Move your hands gently to direct the
smoke from the candle toward yourself as you intone this
incantation. Don’t worry about pronunciation, and instead
concentrate on the power and the beauty of these ancient
names as you chant themaloud:
By the bread of Isis
And the salt of Sulis,
By the fruit of Nikkal
And the purse of Cernunnos,
I welcome abundance into my life.
Abundantia, Habondia,
Andarta, Inanna, Rosmerta,
Nehalennia, Nantosuelta,
Damona, Epona, Concordia!
By Inanna’s storehouse
And Nehalennia’s dog,
By the Dagda’s cauldron
And Copia’s cornucopia,
Abundantia, Habondia,
Andarta, Inanna, Rosmerta,
Nehalennia, Nantosuelta,
Damona, Epona, Concordia!
I command abundance
To descend upon my life.
Feel the palms of your hands grow warm, and perhaps even
perceive a sphere of energy in each hand. Whatever
sensation you perceive, name that feeling “abundance,” and
hold it securely in your memory. Eat the bread and the
orange. Concentrate on welcoming abundance while the
candle burns all the way down. Feel the energy of the spell
entering you with the food and becoming a part of you.
When the candle is spent, ground the power that you
raised. You should feel good after casting this spell,
energized and in a positive mood. Clean up, and discard the
remains of the candle.
Don’t expect instant results, such as winning the lottery the
week after you cast the spell. This is a spell that works
through you and brings material improvement in your
circumstances because it changes your attitude and your
expectations. In the months that follow your casting this
spell, you should begin to see improvements that gradually
create more comfort in your life.
To keep the spell’s magick flowing, eat some bread and
salt and oranges from time to time while focusing on making
abundance welcome in your life. Keep bright the memory of
the feeling that you named “abundance.” Open your hands
to the Universe, palms up, and accept blessing

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