Entering the World of HedgeWitchery

Most traditional spellwork and ritual form a mental vehicle
to help you communicate your desires to the universe. Such
practices keep the mind busy and centered in a positive place,
freeing you to fully accept that which you desire. Spells and
rites of worship encourage you to connect with the source of
the universe smoothly, without interruption. They require a time
and place for you to specifically plug in and turn on, raising
your vibratory level for your ultimate success. Adding physical objects to a spell or ritual (flowers, candles, gems, stones,
shells, ribbons, food offerings, herbs, etc.) provides vibrational
benefits designed to keep you focused on your intent. Incorporating sound (music) and aroma (incense or magickal oils)
heightens the physical and mental experience, helping you to
shift easily into the primordial language of the universe. These
things can assist you to form a more open dialog with Spirit,
simply because they make you feel good. And when you feel
good, miracles can happen!

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