Every day is a new day for me to switch things up.

I keep evolving.

I thrive in uncertain situations.

I bounce back from challenges.

I break free from cycles.

I am resilient.

I am unstoppable.

I have what it takes.

The unknown doesn’t scare me.

I trust the dark moments.

I am flourishing, blooming, and coming out on top.

I am radiating, glowing, and becoming more energized daily.

I have the power.

I am the power.

I claim a new reality.

I am done judging myself.

I am on a winning team.

I am a winner and a strong spirit.

I am supported in every way.

My light is growing.

I am starting to shine so bright everyone feels it.

I can’t explain my natural gift.

It’s so special.

It’s so supernatural.

I accept myself.

Anything that doesn’t evolve me and grow me is a lie and an illusion.

I stop going against myself today.

I begin right now begin my own cheerleader.

I have what it takes.

The entire universe supports me because why else was I created?

The source did not make a mistake.

It’s all perfect.

I affirm that.

I believe.

I live a divine life and it’s all magical.

I am so grateful to be alive, to have a chance, and to do what I love.

I am following my heart starting today.

I am trusting myself and the signs right now.


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