This period belongs to the Dark Maiden and occurs when the Moon shrinks from
full to dark, but it doesn’t mean that Her power is ebbing. In fact, it’s the perfect
time to perform efforts that require any sort of shrinkage, elimination, or
separation. Good candidates might include weight loss, poor health, debt relief, a
gradual separation from damaging relationships, the termination of a bad habit,
or the removal of some annoyance from your life. No matter the problem,
getting rid of it is easier when the Moon is going down.
What some practitioners don’t realize, though, is that the Waning Moon
really packs a wallop during its first three to seven days. This period, which
occurs just after the Full Moon, is commonly known as the Disseminating Moon,
and is excellent for problems that require a complete and final ending. Therefore,
work that involves divorce, complete eradication of an addiction or serious
health problem, or personal closure of some sort is very effective at this time.

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