Weather Magick

Weather Magick

Witches were once believed to be able to raise the wind at their pleasure.

In a confession made at Auldearn in Nairnshire in the year 1662, certain women accused of sorcery said,

“When we raise the wind, we take a rag of cloth and wet it in water, and we take a beetle and knock the rag on a stone, and we say thrice over”:

I knock this rag upon this stane,
To raise the wind in the devil’s name.
It shall not lie until I please again!

When the wind was to be allayed the rag was left to dry.

In Scotland, sailors and fishermen would buy a piece of rag with three knots within it, from witches who were said to tie up the winds to fill their sails,

The winds were released by untying the knots as follows:

The first knot produced wind to fill their sails, the second a strong wind, and the third creating a tempest or storm.

Other examples of making the rain include tossing a flintstone over one’s left shoulder or sprinkling water with a broom.

To Whistle Up the Wind

Like attracts like.

As you focus your breath, so can you use it to whistle up the wind.

Focus your energy and inhale.

Infuse the inhaled air with your energy in a command.

Whistle, and as you do, command the wind to blow as you are forcing the air from your mouth.

The sharpness and tone and length of the whistle will denote the type of wind you are summoning.

For example, a short, sharp and loud whistle will bring on a gust.

The wind may also be controlled by the use of an old magical phrase:

 Sha Gadda Galat.

When used with the proper concentration and Will, these magic words will bring up the wind and will call in magic.

Cutting a Storm

This spell should be kept for diverting severe weather only.

To cut a storm you will need your black-handled knife.

Focus on becoming at one with the oncoming storm, and when you can feel the rush of the thunderstorm within you, run screaming at the approaching storm, brandishing your knife.

Plunge the knife into the earth with the blade facing the wind.

As you do this visualize the storm being cut in two and diverting itself around you.

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