Witchcraft The Key to Manifestation

It is advantageous that you realize just what is accessible through this technique.

I have spent many years charting and understanding the concept of thought and the body of the mindscape as a way of understanding and tapping into what I was sure was there as a latent or uncontrolled power.

I have always been subject to random flashes of telepathy and have traveled the timescape through the use of Tarot to predict future events that have occurred exactly, explicitly, and, in many, many cases, word for word.

It is not in my nature to leave things that are open to misrepresentation alone until I have an understanding of their pattern, so I experimented with the concept of consciousness to gain a handle on the function.

What I uncovered is the pattern of thought-it moves as light moves and is, therefore, instantly there and instantly not. It is both particle and wave, as is light, which, incidentally, is why spells are told to no one.

To speak a thing is to collapse the wave, sending the spell into a form of manifestation that may not be material in the observable sense, but is vibratory, therefore having presence in material reality.

Please think about this!

There is both foreground thought and background thought dancing through the mindscape at differing rates of recognizable frequency, and they both exist within a medium; this medium is like space through which both energy and matter realize themselves, but which is a vessel in its own right.

Space, both within the mindscape and within recognizable manifest reality, is a matrix-and the matrix is the medium through which all things travel.

It is a thing of profound silence. It is the spaces between thought, and it is through consciously accessing this medium that telepathy and all forms of spell crafting find their expression.

There are no dividing lines here between that which is within and that which is without.

Fully realizing this removes the illusion of separateness that is the stumbling block to the activation of spell crafting.

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