Crystals & Stones / Healing Magick

A Crystal Healing Spell

This spell is used in this instance to charge
(energize) water for healing. You can drink the
water or juice, or use the former in your bath.
By using planetary significances you can see
how many aspects of your magical working
might be enhanced.
A crystal appropriate for your needs (in this case it
would be for healing, although if you use the
crystal for another purpose, you would obviously
choose an appropriate crystal for that use)
A glass of water or fruit juice
✤ Place the crystal in the glass of water or juice
overnight, or for 24 hours if you want a
balance of solar and lunar energies
✤ After removing the crystal, drink the water or
juice and visualize its energy flowing through
✤ You can use the crystal again for the same
✤ Repeat whenever you feel necessary.

✤ If you choose to use the water in your bath,
you may like to dedicate the bath for its
specific purpose by simply saying:
I dedicate this bath to the healing of [state
✤ Since in this case the crystal has been used in
liquid, you may need to recharge it, in which
case bury it in earth in a safe place until you
need it again.
This technique uses the power of the crystal, but in
returning it to the earth you are acknowledging the
power of Mother Earth, as well as the Elements.
One way of using crystals is to keep an
assortment of small ones in a special talisman
bag. The simplest method of use is to shake the
bag, and while focusing on the question to be
asked, take out the first two or three that you
touch. See if the answer comes spontaneously
to mind, before you consult the lists above or
below for correspondences.
You can also cast your crystals into a specially
drawn circle, the first crystal drawn being the
crystal of Self, the second the crystal of others
and the third being the crystal of happiness to
come. Boards on to which crystals are thrown
are available from specialist shops and have
proved useful for many people. More complex
questions can be answered and guidance for the
future gained by using crystals with any
suitable Tarot spread.

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