A Spell for Confidence and Courage

Use this spell whenever you need for self-confidence, self-esteem, or the courage to handle a difficult situation.

Items needed: One opal pendant and one red candle.

Relax and let go of your fears and tensions. Take several
deep breaths and then light the candle. Pick up the opal
pendant, hold it in your hands, and feel the power that emanates
from within its shimmering depths—where all the
colors of the rainbow converge. Take several more deep
breaths, feel the power of the opal flow into your hands, and
circulate through your entire body. Visualize renewed
strength and courage. Hold the opal close to the flame of
the candle, as you chant:

Cosmic forces, above and below,
Come to my aid and help me to know.
To find, to seek, to look within,
To overcome insecurities that creep in.
I ask thee now to enter my dreams
And fulfill my desires for self-esteem.
May I now have courage in all that I do.
Let my personal power now shine through.

Focus all your attention on the opal and the candle flame.
Repeat the chant two more times. As you do this, feel your
personal power grow and strengthen. Visualize yourself as a
courageous and determined person. When you feel the time
is right, extinguish the candle and wear the opal pendant.
You may also use amethyst, diamond, and lapis for courage,
strength, and power.

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