Also known as: Abatan

Classification: Orisha

Abata is the Swamp Queen, the orisha of swamps and marshes. She has the power to control accumulation of wealth (or the lack thereof).

Yoruba tradition identifies her as the female compatriot of orisha

Erinle or his wife. Erinle has dominion over thresholds where fresh and saltwater merge, as happens in mangrove swamps. Swamps are associated with secrets and hidden treasure and so it is unsurprising that Abata is less well-known than her partner.

• Erinle and Abata may be venerated together on an altar.

• Offerings and petitions may also be brought to Abata’s home in the swamp.

Iconography: Abata may be represented by the image of a snake.

Colors: Light blue, coral, gold, green, pink, and yellow

Animal: Snake (Abata may manifest in human or snake form.)

Some Cuban traditions perceive Abata as male and as Erinle’s brother or even as a path of Erinle, not as an independent, distinct orisha.

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