(Aloe vera, A. spp.)
Fresh: X. Dried: P,NDh X
Folk Names: Burn Plant, Medicine Plant,
Saqal, Zabila
Gender: Feminine
Planet: Moon
Element: Water
Powers: Protection, Luck
Magical Uses: The aloe, a popular house
plant, is also protective. It guards against
evil influences and prevents household
accidents. In Africa the aloe is hung over
houses and doors to drive away evil, as well
as to bring good luck.
In Mexico, large wreaths made of whole
garlic bulbs strung on wire are festooned
with pictures of saints, packets of magical
herbs, lodestones, rock salt, pine nuts as
well as clumps of freshly cut aloe. These are
hung up in the home for protection, luck,
money, and so on.

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