Banishing Magick

Banishing Negativities

1 Black candle
Ashtray or Cauldron
Paper and a Black Pen

Kneel in front of the altar (after having lit the incense and cast the circle), light altar candle focus, and draw energy. Light the black candle, while concentrating on placing all negative energies and thoughts you have concerning the subject into the candle. Write the person’s/object’s name in black ink on a piece of paper and place it in front of the candle and say:

Isis mother of Horus, Isis daughter of Ra, Isis wife of Osiris,
I beg of thee.
Please come to my aide
Help me unburden my negativity.
As I burn this candle in front of thee
May all bad thoughts and deeds flee
Out of my sight and into the night.
May they return into the universe to be used correctly.

Take the piece of paper and light it from the black candle. Let it burn (in the ashtray or the cauldron) all the while concentrating that the negative energy is fading away into the night. Look at the ash and say:

Be gone! Into the night.
Out of my mind and out of my sight.
Never to disrupt my slumber again,
Never to return to cause me pain.
As above, so below and in harmony.
My Goddess I beg of you,

Let the candle burn all the way down or snuff it out saying:

Physically though you are quenched,
Astrally you will always burn. 

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