Basic Spell Health

This spell is done on a Thursday at the 8th hour after sunrise. Prepare an herbal
powder: 2 tsp lavender, 1 tsp thyme, 1 tsp allspice, 1 tsp coriander seed, & 1 willow leaf,
saying to each ingredient as it is added, “I charge you by the sun and the moon to
release your energy in my work!”
Prepare a light blue votive candle: inscribe with the symbols of Jupiter (or
something that means health to you), the Goddess, water, victory, the God, and healing
energy. As you add each symbol, state what each mark represents. (Relate the
elemental used to the ailment: fire for fever, air for sinuses, earth for warts, etc) Rub
lavender oil over the candle from top to bottom and back again, set in a heat-proof
container on a heat-resistant surface before the Goddess image (or on the left side of the
altar). Light the candle and say:
I call upon thee, Great Goddess, to hasten my healing
Through this candle dedicated to health, inscribed with
the symbols of the God and the Goddess,
Healing energy and victory over the watery confusion in my body,
And with the herbs of healing whose energy may be
Released to my aid do I call upon thee. Cast aside
my sickly imbalance I bid thee, that as I will, so mote it be!
Slowly add the herbal power from the dish into the candle while envisioning the power
of the herbs working for you as you say:
With the protective power of lavender,
With the healing strength of thyme, allspice, and coriander seed,
And with the protective and healing power of willow
Do I infuse this spell with the power to work my will.
Allow the candle burn until liquefied wax is reduced by half, then snuff (with a snuffer)
and as the wax hardens, interpret the signs or symbols left behind. Bless those who
aided you, and open your circle.

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