(Cytisus scoparius) Poison
Folk Names: Banal, Basam, Besom, Bisom,
Bizzon, Breeam, Broom Tops, Brum,
Genista Green Broom, Irish Broom, Irish
Tops, Link, Scotch Broom, Hog Weed
Gender: Masculine
Planet: Mars
Element: Air
Powers: Purification, Protection, Wind,
Spells, Divination
Magical Uses: Broom is used in purification
and protection spells, and is hung in the
home to keep evil out. Also, an infusion of
broom sprinkled through the house exorcises
Although the infusion was once used as
a drink to increase psychic powers, this can
be dangerous because the plant is slightly
poisonous; carry instead for this purpose.
To raise the winds, throw broom into
the air while invoking the spirits of the Air,
preferably from a mountaintop. To calm
the winds, burn broom and bury the ashes.
If you do outdoor spells (which is the
best place to perform magic) sweep the
ground with broom prior to your workings,
if it grows nearby.

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