Countdown Spell

Do you have a goal that seems difficult to reach? Would you
like to change yourself or improve your life in some way?
Whatever your personal goal may be, if it’s reasonable and
feasible, this simple but powerfully effective spell can help
you to achieve it.
Casting a spell is not enough to reach most goals, of
course. You must also make practical efforts, such as
working out, saving money, attending classes, or whatever
your goal requires.
For this spell you will need:
a writing implement (Use a freshly sharpened pencil
if you wish to erase your goal to keep it confidential.)
a stick of incense
Optional: If you happen to own a sapphire, garnet,
or turquoise ring, wear it on your projective hand
while you cast the spell or work it afterward.
Clearly and specifically identify your goal. This is a crucial
part of the spell, so give it careful consideration. Meditation
helps with this.
Next, consider paths to your goal, and formulate at least
one action plan. Set a realistic time period for reaching the
goal. This might be one month, one year, five years, or
another length of time, depending on the nature of your
The Spell
Once your goal is clear in your mind, get into a magickal
mood. Gather the spell materials, and place them on the altar
or other working surface. Raise power, and create sacred
space around your working area. Light the incense.
Concentrate on your goal, and visualize it as already
achieved. For example, if your goal is to finish school, you
could envision yourself waving your diploma in the air at the
graduation ceremony; if your goal is to buy a house, you
could see its key in your hand as you unlock the door on
moving day. Once your visualization is complete, take a
mental snapshot of it, and keep your focus on that as you
Hold the writing implement in the incense smoke, and
concentrate on charging its ink or lead with magick. Do this
until the incense burns itself out, then ground power and
clean up. Leave the writing implement in moonlight
overnight, perhaps on a windowsill.
The next day, use the pen or pencil to write your goal at
the top of the paper. If you are using a pencil because your
goal is confidential, write it down and then erase it. No one
will be able to read your goal, but the paper will still be
imprinted with it.
Count the days that you have allotted for reaching your
goal, and write this number beneath it. If your time frame for
the spell is lengthy, you may need to tape several sheets of
paper together. Hang the paper in a place where you will see
it every day, such as on a closet door.
Begin the countdown. Each morning, from then until the
goal is achieved, use the charged writing implement to cross
off the number at the top of the page and write the next
lower number beneath it. For example, if you have allowed
one year to reach your goal, you will be writing 365, 364, 363,
362, and so on, as the days pass. Say this affirmation (or an
affirmation of your own devising) aloud each morning when
you cross off a number and write a new one:
I am strong. I am determined.
Nothing will distract me, divert me,
or prevent me from reaching my goal.
Continue the countdown. Take at least one small step
toward your goal every day, and you are likely to achieve it
before the countdown is finished.
Footsteps Spell
What are your career goals? Whose footsteps would you
like to follow in? Do you hope to succeed in a career that is
difficult to gain entrée to?
Some careers can be hard to launch for a variety of
reasons. Industries that are considered glamorous, such as
fashion, broadcasting, and entertainment, can be hard to
break into because there are so many applicants for every
job opening. Other careers, such as spaceflight, ballet, or
surgery, require many years of very specialized training. Still
other careers, such as those in politics, can be hard to enter
without support or financial backing from others. The
challenges to getting started in such professions can be
If you have the talent or ability to make it in a certain
career but just can’t seem to get your foot in the door, this
spell can help you. It will not make you a success at
something you are unsuited to, or unqualified for, but it will
help you to find employment in the industry of your choice.
Footprints have been considered magickal in many
cultures since ancient times. Footprint magick is traditionally
worked by physically lifting the dirt in which someone has
stepped. Surfaces are mostly paved in our times, but we can
still work footprint magick by adapting it to present
circumstances. For this spell you will need:
several strips of wide adhesive tape, such as
masking tape or duct tape
a pentacle or pentagram (Any type will do, even the
symbol drawn on a piece of paper.)
an orange candle
a stick of incense
a box, pouch, bottle, or other container in which to
keep the spell materials
Optional: pink carnation petals
Collect footprints from people who are already doing the
kind of work that you hope to do one day. To accomplish
this, identify a place where people are engaged in this type
of work. It might be a firehouse, if you hope to be a
firefighter; a hospital, if you hope to be a doctor or nurse; a
theater, if you hope to be an actor or set designer; a
brokerage house or stock exchange if you hope to be a
trader or stockbroker; and so on.
Next, identify the best location for gathering their
footprints. If you hope to be a stage actor, for example, it
would be better to collect footprints from the area just
outside the stage door than from the sidewalk in front of the
theater; if you hope to be a judge, it would be better to
collect footprints outside a judges’ entrance or elevator than
fromthe courthouse steps; and so on.
Go to this location, preferably at a time when you are not
likely to be observed or interrupted. Stick a strip of tape to
the ground, then rip it up. Hold the strip to the wind (or blow
on it, if the air is still). Visualize any extraneous footprints—
such as those of delivery people or passersby—being
blown away and erased from the tape. When you feel that
only the footprints you seek are on the tape, roll it up (sticky
side inward) so that it forms a tight tube or cylinder. Repeat
this process with several more strips of tape.
Take the cylinders of tape home, and place them in the
center of a pentacle until you are ready to cast the spell. If
you are using carnations, work deosil to sprinkle the petals
around the circle of the pentacle. It isn’t a problem if these
dry out before the spell is cast.
The Spell
Gather all the spell ingredients. Get into a magickal mood,
and create sacred space around the area where you will be
working. Place the candle on the pentacle with the tape
cylinders, and raise power. Light the candle, then light the
incense fromit.
Focus on the result you want the spell to have. Visualize
yourself working happily in your chosen career. Raise your
arms and say:
By Minerva and Apollo,
In their footsteps I will follow.
As I will, so mote it be.
I will work in this industry!
Hold each roll of tape in the incense smoke for a few
moments, while concentrating on charging it with the magick
of your intent. Drip a little wax on each cylinder to seal the
spell. Focus on the brilliant career that you envision for
yourself, and monitor the candle and incense until they burn
themselves out.
Place the cylinders of tape in the container, along with the
ashes fromthe incense (and the carnation petals, if you have
used them). Drip some wax over the container’s opening to
further seal the spell, then ground the power that you raised.
Keep the container of spell ingredients in a safe place until
the spell has fully manifested. Take it out and handle it or
keep it near you whenever you are working toward your
goal, by taking courses or applying for jobs, for example.
You can discard the container once you have become
established in your career.
Interview Charm
It usually takes several interviews to land a job, so prepare
several of these charms when you’re looking for work. To
make themyou will need:
several strips of wide adhesive tape, such as
masking tape or duct tape
a pair of shoes that you are likely to wear to
interviews or for work
The Spell
Take tape impressions of your own footsteps, or of the
bottoms of your shoes. Roll them up tightly into cylinders.
Carry one with you whenever you go on an audition or job
interview. If you decide that you would like to have the
position you applied for, leave the charm behind when you
go. This will help you to “get your foot in the door.” Leave
the charm in a place where it is not likely to be noticed for a
long time, such as in a planter.
Star of Hope Spell
Do you have a secret hope? Something that you have never
told anyone? That hope is not likely to ever be realized
unless you do something about it. One magickal action that
you can take is to communicate your secret hope to the
Universe. This spell will do that, so do not cast it (or even
think about casting it) unless you are absolutely certain that
you want your hope to be realized. You should feel hopeful
while you cast this spell, so don’t attempt it if you are feeling
sad, negative, angry, or pessimistic. It can be cast at any
time, but it is best begun on the night of a New Moon (use a
calendar to time it), and completed on the night of the next
Full Moon. The spell is most powerful if the Sun or the
Moon is in Aquarius on either night (an astrological almanac
will have that information). You will need:
the Star card from a tarot deck (One from any tarot
deck will do, but if you have a choice, use a card that
depicts a woman pouring water froma jar.)
a tin box (No substitutions, it must be tin. The
container can be any shape, but it should have a
cover and be large enough to hold the tarot card.
The tins in which biscuits and crackers are
sometimes packaged are good for this purpose. You
can use the box as it is, or you can paint it, line it, or
decorate it, if you feel this will enhance your spell.)
a white feather
a piece of paper (Any sort of paper will do, but it’s
nice to use high-quality paper.)
a pencil with an eraser
two sticks of incense (Any kind is fine, but use violet
if you happen to have it.)
a pentacle or pentagram (Any type will do, even the
symbol drawn on a piece of paper.)
Optional: If you happen to own an opal ring, wear it
on your projective hand while you cast the spell.
Get into a magickal mood. Assemble all of the spell
ingredients, and create sacred space for the working. Place
the pentacle on your altar or other working surface, with its
top point facing East. Center the boxon the pentacle.
The Spell
Light one stick of incense, and raise power. Put the tarot
card in the middle of the box, then close it. Open your hands
and hold them over the box, with your palms facing
downward. Focus on your hope, and say:
Goddess Pandora, Giver of All Gifts,
I thank you for giving us
The powerful gift of hope.
I name this box Pandora’s Box.
If it will do no harm,
I ask you to fulfill the hope
That you will find within it.
Use the pencil to write your secret hope on the paper. Be
totally honest and very specific about what you hope for.
Erase what you have written. Your hope will still be a secret,
but the paper will contain it nonetheless. Open the box, and
put the paper in it under the tarot card. If you must fold the
paper in order to make it fit, fold it three times. Place the
feather on top of the card, then close the box.
Ground the power that you raised, and clean up. Keep the
box atop the pentacle, and put them in a safe place, such as
beneath your bed or on your altar. Leave them there for two
weeks—or until the Full Moon, if you began the spell on the
New Moon. Do not open the box until you are ready to
complete the spell. If possible, keep the top point of the
pentacle oriented toward the East. Concentrate on your
hope during this period, focusing on the exact form that you
want its fulfillment to take.
When you are ready to complete the spell, put the box,
pentacle, and the second stick of incense on your altar or
other working surface. Orient the top point of the pentacle
toward the East, and remove the feather from the box. Close
it, and place the incense atop the box. Get into a magickal
mood. Light the incense, and raise power. Use the feather to
fan the smoke upward as you say:
Goddess Pandora, Giver of All Gifts,
Anesidora, She Who Sends Up Gifts,
Receive my hope!
Repeat this phrase as many times as seems necessary to you
while the incense burns. Visualize your hope ascending to a
place where the entire Universe will sense its reverberation.
When the incense is half spent, begin talking to Pandora.
Speak to her sincerely, in your natural voice, as you would
to a friend whom you are asking for an important favor.
Explain why you hold this hope and what outcome you
would like to have when the hope is fulfilled.
This is a very important part of the spell, because omitting
it can cause the spell to go wrong. Suppose your secret
hope is to get a certain job. Without specifying the outcome,
you might get the job because you cast this spell, but find
that the job makes you so miserable that you wind up
leaving it.
Talk to Pandora until the incense has finished burning.
Thank her for listening, then end the spell. Ground the
power that you raised, and put the tarot card back in its
deck. Bury the paper, because Pandora is an Earth goddess.
You can reuse the box and keep the feather as a charm if you
like, or bury themwith the paper.
Wish Spells
The old adage is true: be careful what you wish for. The
danger with wishes isn’t that they won’t come true; it’s that
they will come true, but not in the way that was meant, or
with the results that were intended. Consider all possible
outcomes before making a wish. Be realistic, word it
precisely, and proceed with caution.
If you happen to own a piece of emerald or carnelian
jewelry, wear it while casting your wish spell.