Definition Of A Poppet

A poppet is not for harmful intent. That is a major misconception that people get from Hollywood movies and shows like charmed lol.

Any spell can be directed towards a specific host. Even a healing spell Can go terribly wrong without the proper intent.

A poppet is something constructed that resembles a person. Yes a specific person. That does not mean that it’s only used for harmful intentions. Infact, because it does resemble a specific person the energy within poppet magick is very strong.

Poppets are used for a variety of magick and infact is used more so in positive workings than negative.

Poppets are used for self protection, self empowerment, binding, good luck, love, banishing, healing, new beginnings, basically any magick that you can think of.

Why are they so powerful?

Because unlike most spells you have added personal items like for instance:

A drop of your blood or someone else’s, spit, nail clippings, pictures, sweat, hair, someone’s signature, along with what ever herbs, crystals, stones, etc.

It assigns yours or someone else’s personal signature (DNA)!It seals the deal and when such personal items are added it makes your subconscious mind a believer, therefore resulting in a manifested energy that is sincere to the spell being performed!

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