Hell Hounds

Throughout time mankind has always told tales about a black furred, red eyed beast seen on the darkest of nights in the near vicinity of either graveyards or cemeteries, it is said that seeing one is a death omen.

Hell Hounds are believed to be mystical creatures or are they? Among other things they are commonly known as the guardians or the servants of Hell, however they have been seen by nearly every culture across the world and they are known by many names such as the Cerberus, Garmr, The Black Dog or Old Red Eyes to name but a few.

What is little known about the Hell hounds is that they are in fact natural protectors of the supernatural, think of them as nature’s bodyguards. They can appear from nowhere and disappear just as quick, they hunt without remorse and only those that are hunted by the Hell Hounds see them in their true form before there sudden and unexplained death.

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