Hex-Breaker Spell

Do you suspect that someone may be working magickally
against you? Do you fear that you have been cursed?
Chances are that you’re mistaken and simply experiencing
the normal vicissitudes of life, but casting a spell can relieve
your fears.
This spell will remove anything negative that has been
cast on you or against you. It will do no harm if you’re
wrong and there is no hex or curse. It can be cast at any
time, anywhere. You will need:
a chain (Any type of light metal chain that can be
broken with a stick will do, but choose one whose
size represents the size of the hex that you suspect
you may be under.)
a bamboo rod (This must be bamboo and of
sufficient size and strength to break the chain that
you have selected. If you cannot obtain a large
enough stick, use several smaller bamboo rods, and
replace them as they break or wear out. Can’t find a
bamboo stick? Try shops that sell Asian goods.
Paper window shades, for example, are often
wrapped around a bamboo rod for weight.)
a white candle
You’re going to really whomp that chain, so choose a place
where you can do this safely and without interruption.
The Spell
Gather the spell materials. Get into a magickal mood, and
create sacred space around the area where you will be
working. Light the candle.
Hold the chain in both hands, and raise power. Focus on
the reasons why you think that you have been hexed.
Concentrate on the energy signature of the hex as you
perceive it. Use your mind to channel that energy into the
chain and trap it in the links. Use whatever visualization you
find helpful, such as picturing dark light streaming out of
you and winding itself around and through the links, then
solidifying to become one with the chain.
This is a crucial part of the spell, transferring the hex or
curse from you into the chain, so take your time with it. The
transfer is complete when you perceive a difference in the
chain, such as feeling it grow heavier or become warm. If
strenuous magickal effort creates no perceptible difference
in the chain, it is likely that there is no hex or curse on you.
In that case, ground power immediately and discard all the
spell materials. If you succeed in transferring a hex or curse
into the chain, continue with the spell.
Hold the chain triumphantly aloft with both hands, in a
victory stance. Face each direction in turn, beginning with
the North, and say:
Guardians of the North, grant me power!
Guardians of the West, send me strength!
Guardians of the South, give me energy!
Guardians of the East, know my spirit!
Throw the chain down, and smash it with the bamboo stick
until it breaks. If you are angry about having been hexed,
use this process to vent that anger. You may find the work
easier if you stretch the chain taut and secure its ends or
drape it over something, such as a rock or cinder block. Use
whatever is available to you, but only use things you cannot
As you strike the chain, imagine that you are striking the
hex or curse that has been placed upon you. Visualize it
weakening as the chain weakens and permanently broken
when the chain breaks. Try to break the chain before the
candle burns out. When it breaks, say triumphantly:
Spell completed,
Curse defeated!
Ground the power that you raised, and clean up. You should
feel lighter and proud of yourself for having overcome the
hex. Throw the chain away, or keep it as an amulet against
future attempts to hexyou.
If you are tempted to cast something negative on whoever
you think sent the hex, don’t give in to that temptation. Two
very good reasons for this are, first, that you could be
wrong about who hexed you, and, second, that this type of
magick will only hurt you. Black magick does more harm to
the one who casts it than to the one it is cast upon, so you
don’t need to take action in order for the one who hexed you
to receive payback for it

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