Kitchen Witch: Pumpkin

(Curcurbita spp.)

Planet: Moon

Element: Earth

Energies: Healing, money


According to early American lore, if half a pumpkin is left exposed in the kitchen, negative energies will arrive to spoil the cooking.

The pumpkins carved with faces and lit with candles on the last night of October in the United States are related to the similarly prepared turnips carried by children in the U.K. They are created to scare away evil.

Pumpkins are sometimes featured in Samhain celebrations by Wiccans as symbols of the fruitfulness of the earth and of the God’s death beneath the sickle of time. These round, orange vegetables are also symbols of the Mother Goddess.

Magical uses:

Add pumpkin dishes to health diets. Dry, roast, and eat the seeds, or enjoy such delicious treats as pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread.
Pumpkin is also a nutritious money-attractant. Make a pumpkin pie and add cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg to flavour it with money-drawing energies

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