Four Ways to Make Everyday Magickal

For some, magick isn’t something to be contained into back room rituals and secretive assemblies in the dark depths of the forest, it’s something to be celebrated daily and integrated into the most mundane aspects of our lives

Magick, intention, energy can be harnessed and used to make your life better, keep yourself grounded and provide spiritual enlightenment and growth.

Performing small acts of magick daily increases your power and knowledge.

Here are four small ways to make simple daily tasks and actions magickal:

1.The power of herbs, roots and minerals for consumption similar to using potions.

When you cook, be conscious of the magickal properties of the ingredients you’re using, use them with proper intent and focus your magickal intention to get results.

Keep a few crystals in your kitchen for protection, love, good intentions.

2. Walking and chanting, similar to saying spells, creates kinetic energy which powers your magick.

Repeating a phrase or mantra or spell when walking, especially in a natural, forest or rural setting, can ground you, focus your energy and multiply your magickal intention.

3. Music is another example of everyday magick.

Songs, words, instrumentals all offer power and energy both through the music itself and in the movement of your body.

As you dance and connect with the message of music, you amplify your emotions and magickal intention.

4. Cleansing, purifying and grounding magickal tools and yourself is an important part of any ritual.

Focusing in on the elements of cleansing; washing away negative energy, renewal and purity; when you clean your home or in the shower can bring magick to everyday life and take that small piece of ritual and normalize it to make everyday life more magickal and connected to supernatural energy and power.

Integrating small acts of magick into daily life preserves your power, energy and intention and creates a lifestyle promoting your paganism and spirituality.

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