Magickal Correspondence

Magickal Folk

Now would probably be a good time to explain some

of the different kinds of magickal folks. These terms

can be confusing to the unfamiliar, so here is a brief

little Glossary. (Also, one essential companion to this

Grimoire must be a good dictionary!) An important

thing to understand here is that these categories are

not mutually exclusive, and any given individual may

embody a number of them…indeed, a capable Wizard may be known by most of these terms! The primary distinction between “Wizards” and “Sorcerers”

is around the issue of service: Wizards desire above

all else to be of service; Sorcerers desire above all

else to be served. Wizards (like Gandalf) bend all their efforts and magick towards making the world a better

place for everyone, and for all future generations.

Sorcerers (like Sauron and Saruman) bend all their

efforts and magick towards the singular goal of ruling the world conquering, subduing, controlling and

even enslaving everyone else.

Obviously, these desires and goals are diametrically opposed. Fortunately for all of us, the very nature of these distinctions supports the ultimate good,

as Wizards cooperate and work with others, while

Sorcerers are in ultimate competition (especially with

each other), cannot trust anyone, cannot be trusted by

anyone, and in general do not play well with others.

As Gandalf said to Saruman, “There is only one Lord

of the Rings, and he does not share power!”

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