Planetary Magick

Planetary Correspondence, Jupiter


Symbols Thunderbolt, trident, crown
Deities Zeus, Athena, Jupiter, Minerva, Tinia,
Marduk, Maat
Archangel Sachiel
Day Thursday
Colors Purple, dark blue
Number Four
Metal Tin
Stones Amethyst, lepidolite, sugilite
Incense Pine, sandalwood, clove
Plants Borage, sage, betony, nutmeg
Tree Juniper, cedar, pine, sycamore
Animals Whale, swan, eagle

Jupiter corresponds to knowledge, understanding, good judgment, and prosperity.

It rules the concepts of expansion, opportunity, and good fortune.

Jupiter is a joyful planet that promotes abundance through realistic effort and hard work.

One thing that Jupiter helps people do is change their attitudes from a negative to positive.

Once the attitude changes, so does everything else, because if you have a positive frame of mind you can accomplish just about anything.

Use Jupiter to attract wealth and great riches, build dignity, acquire wisdom and make good judgments, improve moral values, increase financial health, and expand knowledge and understanding of religious and philosophical concepts.

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