Protection Binding Spell

If you feel that a specific person is out to do you or others harm, this simple spell should stop them in their tracks.

Items needed:

Photograph of the person to be bound, one black candle, one 9” piece of black cord, and a
box filled with dirt.

On the night of the waning moon, collect all the required
items. Place them on your altar. At the stroke of midnight
begin the spell.

Light the candle and visualize the subject of your spell
as you chant:

Black as night and this dark hour I have the right, I have the power.

Pick up the black cord and tie nine evenly spaced knots in it as you chant:

I bind thee from doing harm, Your evil now I disarm. Bound by knot and cord you remain Until from harm you shall refrain.

Tie the knotted cord around the photo. Place the bound picture in the box and cover it with the dirt.

Extinguish the black candle.

Bury the box in a safe place.

When the individual whose image is resting in the box stops hurting you and others, you may safely take them out of the box and unbind them.

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