Protection Magick 1.4 : Complacency

Have you become complacent? Perhaps you simply got a bit lax with the upkeep on your personal protection magick. It happens. And honestly, from time to time, we all forget, and it’s easy to become a bit lazy in regard to magickal protection and psychic selfdefense. When you become complacent, the universe typically steps in and teaches you a hard lesson. It can happen to anybody.

Do you believe you are too powerful to be blindsided? Seriously, understand what the word blindsided means. It means you have been caught unaware-off guard-and that you did not see the incident coming until after it ran you over.

Did you foolishly assume that protection magick for you personally would never be necessary? After all, as ethical Witches, we know better than anyone that there is a price to be paid for those who cast harmful magick out of spite or envy.

Many practitioners honestly cannot conceive of anyone even doing such an incredibly stupid thing on purpose; these scenarios simply do not happen in their magickal worlds, and they will refuse to even consider the possibility. Yes, step right up, ladies and gentlemen-here we have a fabulous illustration of denial.

This notion is perpetuated by the Wiccan Rede, which states “An it harm none, do as you will.” With this credo in mind, many folks think the answer is to send love and light in any situation. Well, good luck with that. Love is fine; but if someone is trying to physically assault you, are you going to send them love and light, or are you going to fight back and try to kick them hard in the groin or go for their eyes so you can escape?

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