Seven Blessings Bouquet Garni

A bouquet garni is a small bundle of herbs that is added to a
soup or stew while it cooks to flavor it and then removed. A
magickal bouquet garni will draw its blessings to everyone
who eats the food it was cooked in. To make one you will
a six-inch square of new cheesecloth
kitchen string
1 tsp each of the following fresh or dried herbs:
thyme (for health), marjoram or savory or oregano
(for happiness), coriander seeds (for love), sage (for
prosperity), basil or rosemary (for peace), black
peppercorns (for protection), and a bay leaf (for
good fortune)
Gather all of the spell ingredients. Get into a magickal mood,
and create sacred space around the area where you will be
working. Place the cheesecloth flat on your working surface,
and put one spoonful of each herb in its center. While you
do this, focus on the blessings that each herb will attract
and say:
With health and happiness, enchanted be.
With love and prosperity, enchanted be.
With peace and protection, enchanted be.
With good fortune, enchanted be.
Simmered in soup or another food,
Let all who eat it receive good.
Gather the corners of the cheesecloth and form it into a
bundle around the herbs. Tie it tightly with the string.
A bouquet garni made with fresh herbs should be used
immediately. One made with dried herbs has the same shelf
life as its contents, so any number of these may be made at
the same time and stored in an airtight container for future
use. It’s best to experiment with the herbs a bit to find the
mixture whose flavor is most pleasing to you before making
a lot of bouquets garnis.
The Spell
Prepare your stew, soup, or other long-simmered dish as
usual. Raise power when you turn the burner on below it,
and add the bundle of herbs to the pot. Stir it deosil a few
times as you concentrate on enchanting the food with the
magick of the seven blessings.
Ground power, and continue cooking as usual. Remove
the bouquet garni before serving, and discard it.
Weaving Prosperity Spell
A spell alone cannot create prosperity, of course. You must
work hard and be sensible about your finances, as well as
using magick. This spell, along with that ethic, can help you
to have a more prosperous life. It invokes Anath, a Middle
Eastern goddess who has dominion over prosperity,
weaving, and many other things.
The spell is best cast on a Sunday in sunlight. Male or
female, if you are comfortable with wearing heavy make-up,
you can increase your ability to invoke Anath by wearing it
while you cast the spell. Rouge, red lipstick, and black
eyeliner are particularly appropriate. You will need:
three lengths of gold cord or yarn, each three feet
long (Metallic gold is best, but gold-colored cord or
yarn will do.)
three lengths of green cord or yarn, each three feet
three lengths of orange cord or yarn, each three feet
a green candle, preferably bayberry-scented
a purse, or something to represent a purse
a stick of cinnamon, cedar, or patchouli incense
any prosperity charms that you can obtain, such as
green stones, gold coins, orange peels, cedar chips,
cinnamon sticks, eagle or dove feathers, money,
allspice berries, cloves, cumin seeds, elderberries,
balsam fir needles or cones, High John the
Conqueror root, juniper berries, bay leaves, whole
nutmegs, acorns or oak leaves, pinecones or
pineneedles, ears of wheat, cowrie shells, copper
rings, or whatever represents prosperity to you (Use
dried herbs, not fresh ones.)
The Spell
Repeat this incantation continuously, from the time that you
raise power until you ground it:
Lady Anatha, Queen of Heaven, Strength of Life,
Help me weave this spell.
Queen Anath, Ruler of Dominion, Mother of the Gods,
Charge these cords with power.
Anatha Baetyl, Lady of the Mountain, Mistress of the
Grant me prosperity!
Put all of the spell materials on your altar or other working
surface, and get into a magickal mood. Create sacred space
around the area where you will be working. Light the candle,
and raise power. Meditate on prosperity, and what form you
would like it to take in your life.
Focus on that thought as you take the gold cords, knot
the three together at one end, and drip some candle waxover
the knot to seal it. When the wax has hardened, braid the
cords. If you are using any charms that could easily be
woven into the braid, add them. Knot the end of the braid,
and seal that knot with more candle wax.
Repeat this same procedure with the green cords, and
then with the orange ones. When you finish you will have
three braids of different colors that are knotted and sealed
with green waxon both ends.
Light the incense from the candle. Hold the braids in the
smoke, one by one, as you chant the incantation.
Concentrate on your concept of prosperity while you do
this, and charge the braids with the power to draw
prosperity to you.
Braid the three braids together into one thick braid, and
seal both its ends with candle wax. While the wax hardens,
hold the purse in the incense smoke. Continue to
concentrate on drawing prosperity to you.
Put the braid and your prosperity charms into the purse. It
should be so full that nothing else will fit in it. Close the
purse, and seal it shut with candle wax. Hold it in the incense
smoke while you chant the incantation, until you feel that it
is fully charged as a prosperity charm.
Place the purse beside the candle, and monitor the candle
until it burns itself out. Ground the power that you raised,
then, and clean up. Put the purse in a safe place where it will
be readily available to you.
Handle the purse daily, while focusing on creating
prosperity, until its magick begins to manifest. Take it out
whenever you need, after that, to encourage or maintain
prosperity in your life.

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