Silver Bullet Spell

Legend has it that a werewolf can only be killed by a silver
bullet. Do you have a problem that is so menacing, so
fearsome, or so dangerous that it has become almost like a
werewolf in your life? Have all nonmagickal efforts to deal
with the werewolf failed? If so, this spell can help you.
Naturally it is best cast on the night of a Full Moon (use a
calendar to time it). Casting it in moonlight, or in view of the
Moon, will increase its power.
This is a serious spell that should be reserved for serious
problems. Use it wisely. It is designed to eliminate problems,
not to do harmto anyone or anything. To misuse this spell is
to paint a bull’s-eye on yourself and invite three silver
bullets to strike you. Proceed with caution.
The spell invokes Diana, a powerful Roman triple goddess
whose dominion includes hunting and the Moon. To cast it
you will need:
a silver candle, preferably metallic silver
a carving tool
a writing implement
a bull’s-eye (This is a dark circle with several
concentric circles around it, such as is used in
archery. You can use an actual bull’s-eye or draw one
on a piece of paper.)
arrowroot powder (This can be found where spices
are sold.)
Optional: items connected with the problem, such as
documents or letters
Identify your problem. That sounds simple, but it is the most
crucial element of the spell. If you do not aimthe silver bullet
correctly, your spell will go wrong. For instance, you might
blame someone else for the problem, when in fact it is your
own actions or inactions that have caused it. Or, in a case of
infidelity, you might be tempted to target the lover when
your partner is the one who should actually be held
accountable. In such a case it would probably be better to
end the relationship than to use magick to try to end the
Consider everything. Give it deep thought. Try to see the
big picture and your place in it. Meditate on the situation, or
ask for a dreammessage about it, if you need to.
When you feel that you have correctly identified your
problem, sum it up in one or two words. Write them in the
center of the bull’s-eye, and carve them into the candle. It’s
fine if it’s hard to see what you have written on the bull’seye; all that matters is that the words have been written
there. If the candle is large enough, also carve the symbol
for the triple Moon upon it .
Spending time with the Moon, especially on the nights
leading up to the Full Moon, is an excellent way to prepare
yourself to cast this spell. Focus on your problem, while you
commune with the Moon, and on possible ways that it could
be solved without any harmbeing done.
The Spell
Gather the candle, the bull’s-eye, and anything else you are
using for the spell. Get into a magickal mood, and create
sacred space around the area where you will be working. Put
the bull’seye on your altar or other working surface, and
place the candle upright in its center. If you are using items
that are connected to the problem, place them on the altar.
Flat items, such as pictures or documents, can be put under
the bull’s-eye; anything else can be placed around it.
Working widdershins, spread the arrowroot powder
around the candle. Raise power, raise your arms, and say:
Hail Diana!
Queen of Witches,
I call upon thee.
Jana, Tana, Fana,
Please help me.
Touch the candle. Visualize it as a magickal silver bullet that
is going to strike your problem and eliminate it. Raise power
higher. You should feel magickal tension rising, as if you are
pulling hard on a bow to draw an arrow into shooting
position. Raise your arms again and say:
Maiden Huntress,
I call upon you
To steady my arm,
Let me do no harm,
And make my aim true.
Light the candle, thereby setting the spell in motion. Say:
Bullet speed, through the dark,
Straight on course, to the source,
Find your target, hit your mark!
Repeat this as many times as you feel is necessary.
Concentrate on an image of the silver bullet hurtling through
the darkness to strike your problem. If you have raised
sufficient power, you should be able to “feel” the impact.
Monitor the candle while it burns. Visualize the problem
shattering, fading, withering, melting, receding, growing
smaller, disappearing, or whatever image best makes sense in
the context of your problem. Watch the candle burn, and
allow yourself to begin to feel a sense of relief.
It’s fine if the candle wax runs onto the bull’s-eye or mixes
with the arrowroot powder. Once the candle has burned out,
gather up the powder, and take it outside. Carry it on the
bull’seye, if you like. Face each of the cardinal points in turn.
Start with the North, work deosil, and toss or blow onefourth of the powder in each of the four directions. Each time
that you do this, say:
By candle’s light,
By bullet’s flight,
Queen of the Night,
Make things right.
Diana Triformis, goddess trine,
Let a good solution be mine!
The spell should have raised a lot of power, and by this
point you may be feeling the physical effects of it, such as
trembling or lightheadedness. Ground the power. Physically
touch the earth or hug a tree, if necessary. Go back inside,
and clean up. Have something to eat or drink if you are still
feeling the effects of the spell.
Remember that the more difficult or complicated a problemis,
the more complex and time-consuming its solution may be. If
you have cast the spell properly, you should see some
action toward a solution by the next Full Moon. If nothing
happens, or if the problem gets worse, consider that you
may have been wrong in your assessment of the situation.
Start again. Reconsider the problem, work toward making a
more accurate identification of it, and aima new silver bullet

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