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Super Blue Moon

The Moon and life on Earth are directly connected. Not only does the Moon have a gravitational impact on us, but functions as the basic element that holds the Earth in its trajectory of revolution around the Sun. In the evolutionary process of life, we as humans have the most complex and sophisticated neurological system. And how stimulated, active and balanced a neurological system is, is directly related to the phases of the moon. The Moon is therefore connected with our emotions, and also with our intuitive awareness. We know, due to the Moon’s gravitational pull the oceans rise up during a Full Moon phase, and so with approximately 60% – 70% water in the human system, we also go into tides internally during this lunar phase, meaning whatever is our inner quality, it gets enhanced by the influence of the Full Moon. Thus it can be said without an iota of doubt that a Full Moon phase is an opportune time to delve deeper and introspect the hidden aspects of our emotions, underlying causes behind our thoughts and behavioral patterns. And as the Moon is also directly connected with human perception, this lunar phase is also a very supportive time for unveiling hidden talents and realising our highest potential.

The Full Moon rising on August 30th is a Super Blue Moon!

When the Moon is at the closest point to Earth during its orbit, is it known as a Super Moon. And a Blue Moon pertains to the second Full Moon occurring within a single calendar month. Approximately, in about every 10 years a Blue Moon and a Super Moon coincide on the same night. The next time this happens will be in the year 2037, which is another 14 years away.

This rare celestial phenomenon is indeed a big deal! Because these extra potent cosmic vibes are opening up tremendous possibilities of awakening and superlative transformation for each of us, right now!

Each Full Moon lines up with an astrological sign, and this Super Blue Moon is taking place in the mutable water sign of Pisces, while opposing the Sun in Virgo; and making a conjunction with Saturn – the planet of structure and Karma. At this moment we can expect heightened awareness towards our responsibilities and needed organized actions in regards to bringing balance between the emotional and materialistic layers of our being (the Water element of Pisces representing our emotions, and the Earth element of Virgo representing our material self). The more-than-usual internal higher tides are activating a magnified sense of emotional awareness within us. We are encouraged not to shun and reject our emotions. It is important to understand that if one tries to become devoid of emotions, they will invariably have more suppressed, unconscious emotions. Your emotions need to be simply seen as they are, without resistance. The moment they are resisted, they multiply at a similar vibrational frequency. If you say, ‘I don’t want this emotion’, the mind will add more related thoughts and emotions to the existing mental situation. The mind does not understand subtraction and division. That’s the nature of the mind, – it’s like a mirror that reflects, it can only add and multiply. You cannot forcefully remove anything from your mind, instead you can see any limiting thoughts and emotions as they are, accept them as impact of past occurances, and not any more a relevant part of your present or your desired future. The taskmaster Saturn is encouraging us to be honest about our emotions and our rational mind, and supporting us to bring a balance between them – to create a transformative gateway for transcending limitations. We are encouraged to practically generate thoughts that can add value to our lives. If your thoughts align with what you really care for, or passionate about, your emotions will naturally flow towards it, and with more and more projection of energy towards those thoughts (enveloped with your emotions), you will find themselves manifesting into reality.

This Super Blue Moon is a time to be honest with what you really want. What do you want to evolve into? The cosmic vibes at this time are activating our intuitive awareness in a major way with the etherial Pisces energies spreading across our atmospheric spheres; and with Mercury in retrograde on its way to form an extremely auspicious connection to Jupiter — the planet of wisdom and fortune, we can expect to find ourselves in a state of enhanced perception, thus gain more clarity. And with the Venus – Jupiter connection during this lunar phase we can discern with greater accuracy – where and how we must direct our time, thoughts, emotions and energy in order to shape our life experiences the way we want.

May this Super Blue Moon vibes guide your inner dimensions to work as a gateway to transcend limitations, and bring forth a pleasant sail towards expansive horizons.

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