Dream Magick

Herbs Associated with Dream Magick

The following list contains many of the herbs traditionally used by Witches and other magickal folks in dream magick, followed by their various applications: Anise To prevent nightmares, fill a white ...

Hypnosis Lucid Dreaming Ritual

Mugwort Flower Essense Remedy * A bathtub STEP 1: Draw a warm bath just before going to bed. Add 20 drops of mugwort into the water. STEP 2: Sit in the bath in quiet meditation to clear your mind, for...


We have all had those dreams which we can vaguely remember and strive to figure out what they mean. So what are dreams? Dreams are the language of the subconscious, encoded in symbols, which is trying...

Dream Catcher in Your Window

Place a dream catcher in your window to catch bad dreams before they come to you. Also try a broom under your bed, if you can’t find a dream catcher.

Cutting Ties with Bad Dreams

An athame placed between your mattresses will ‘cut’ the ties between yourself and old bad dreams so they cannot come again.