Crone Magick

The crone aspect of the Female Metaphor

“The crone aspect of the Female Metaphor is not only about age, it is also about the acceptance and valuing of darkness as essential to the life process. Once this aspect was connected to regeneration and Wisdom, and some cultures understood darkness as the source of being. In a culture where the darkness is morally set as evil, where there is no place for the compost, this aspect is feared and loathed. Where only the Light is valued as positive, where the furtherance of the Dark has been forgotten, real wisdom and compassion will never be discovered.” -Glenys Livingstone
Hecate Mask by Lauren Raine
Darkness was never evil, only like space .. challenging, and this is why few get to be closer to the stars then those who move through it, instead of it moving through them..
Evil is when one robs another of their future, in mind, body, and or soul… evil has only one thing it serves and that’s not to serve the future…but the lost of it…

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