The Hedge – The Three Worlds and the World Tree

In the Hedge Druid’s Craft, we work with the concept of the World Tree,
which is divided into three realms: the Lowerworld, Middleworld and
Upperworld. As we like to use the hedge motif, when we are “hedge
riding” we are riding along the axis of the World Tree, travelling
between the worlds.
As Druids, who seek the wisdom of the oak, using a tree motif can be
wholly appropriate to the path. According to ancient sources, the Druids
celebrated in groves (sacred nemetons), and trees were very important to
their religious and spiritual tradition. Some Druids use this tree motif in
connection with the worlds, others see them as circles or spheres within
spheres, interconnecting. These three worlds are sometimes referred to
as Annwn (or Ceugant as Iolo Morgannwg named it), Abred and
Accessing the three worlds through the centre, the axis mundi, (the
Bile in Irish) is the trunk of the Middleworld that connects all three and
is how we are able to move between the worlds.