Wings of Isis Spell

Learning about Isis is a great way to begin this protection
spell. She is an active, benevolent deity who answers human
prayers. Isis, The Mighty Lady, is also a powerful guardian.
Be realistic about your expectations of what “protection”
means. Use common sense. Invoking Isis does not mean
that you can now stop wearing your seatbelt, or safely take
chances that you know are dangerous. Isis will protect you,
but you must also protect yourself.
You can use this spell regularly to keep yourself
protected, or you can cast it whenever you feel that it is
needed. It requires:
a large pillar candle in one of the colors of Isis: sky
blue, red, white, or black (If you use a scented
candle, try to make it myrrh or rose.)
a carving tool
Optional:some flaxseed oil
Optional: an image of Isis with her wings outspread
Gather the components of the spell. Get into a magickal
mood, and create sacred space around the area where you
will be working. Carve an ankh ( ), one of the symbols of
Isis, into the candle. Brush the candle off. If you are using
flaxseed oil, rub the candle with it, and allow it to dry.
The Spell
Hold the candle in your hands, and focus your thoughts on
Isis. If you have trouble visualizing her, use a picture or a
statue of her. Meditate on Isis until you can feel her strength
or loving presence.
Raise power, and concentrate on drawing her power into
the candle. If it helps your visualization, picture a miniature
Isis with her wings wrapped around the candle. When you
feel that the candle is properly empowered, light it and say:
Isis with me in the light,
Isis with me in the night,
Goddess mighty, Goddess mild,
Wings protect me, your child.
Remain with the candle, and allow it to burn for a while, as
you visualize Isis standing with you and placing you under
her protection. You should almost feel her beautiful wings
enfolding you protectively. If you have a particular fear or
concern, speak to Isis as you would to any respected elder,
and ask her to guard you against it. When your visualization
is complete, extinguish the candle and ground the power
that you raised.
Repeat this spell daily, or whenever you feel frightened or
threatened, or any time that you would like to cast it.
Rather than using words, offer deeds to thank Isis for her
protection. She is a mother goddess, so a good way to thank
her is to do something kind for children. Watch out for the
safety of every child you encounter, or volunteer to read to
kids, or donate time or money to a children’s organization, or
help children in some other way.

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