Witchcraft Supplies & Tools

The most important thing to note when getting into witchery is that supplies are anything at your disposal. You don’t need fancy materials. A simple candle or a small necklace is more than enough.
Whatever feels right to you works. Whatever you have space for works. Whatever you have the budget for works. Spirituality is meant to mold itself to your life, not the other way around.

That said, here is a very broad list of common supplies and materials across many paths and beliefs. Keep in mind that you might not use these for one reason or another – no matter the reason, use what works for you.

– Candles (in a variety of colors)(remember white is a universal color)
– Incense of a variety
– Jars, bottles, boxes (save all ur store bought jars or baby food jars)
– Bowls, cups, chalices
– Mortar & pestle
– Bags or satchels
– Crystals (especially quartz)
– Herbs (especially rosemary or sage, dried or fresh)
– Plants or seeds
– Notebooks or journals
– Salt (sea salt, Himalayan salt, black salt)
– Symbols (pentacle, pentagram, cross, ankh, whatever feels right)
– Water
– Cutting tools (knives, blades, athames, etc)
– Divination tools (tarot cards, bones, pendulums, etc)
– Seasonal items (pumpkins for Autumn, flowers for Spring, sun symbols for Summer, etc)
– Clothes of a certain style or a set ritual set of clothes (depends on your practice)
– Besom or broom
– Wands (can be bought or handmade, materials vary; some witches use pointed crystals, others use wood wands, some use branches, etc)
– Food or plant waste (egg shells, flower petals, dead plants, bones, fruit peels, etc)
– Poppets or dolls

Work with what you have and allow yourself time to learn, space to grow, and flexibility in your Craft. This is especially important for beginner Witches who feel they aren’t good enough. You don’t have to be anything but yourself.

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