Witchcraft, The Law of Congruity

The Law of Congruity is the law of cause and effect: every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

That does not imply that the effect is either relative or recognizable in any human evaluation-it simply is what it says it is.

The Law of Congruity does not apply to matter only, but to thought and energy (such as speech and mood).

The Eastern term for this law is called karma, and it is balanced by dharma, the recognition of the law of karma (which is like fate or destiny) that allows the balancing of imbalance through
right speech, thought, and action.

All of our techniques so far have been for the purposes of control and clarity without force.

All of the techniques so far have aimed at opening you up to the reality of the Law of Congruity.

The point here is that you now know how to redress dysfunctions so that your magic is untainted by ineptitude and your priesthood in Witchcraft is clear of false images.

You know now.

Once you know a thing, you can’t unknow it.

Once you know a thing, any deviation from the truth of that knowing will go crashing out of control, not only through your own consciousness but out into the world of manifestation, much, much louder than it would have been before you knew, therefore arcing back to you the experiences relative to the harmonic of that dysfunction.

Do you see now?

The clearer you get, the louder the clang of any deviation from that clarity that’s the Law of Congruity.

So, also, is the harmonic of clear, focused will when it travels from you, ensuring that the return arc is synchronistic.

That’s spell crafting at its maximum effectiveness.

The Law of Congruity: every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

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