Witchcraft Theory & Practice – The center

The center has been called spirit, essence, soul, consciousness.

It is the deep you that seeks to know and understand not only who you are, but why you are here.

It is the whole of you as opposed to the sum of your parts, it is the gateway to all knowledge, and it is why this book has called to vou-like attracts like!

You are aware that you have five senses: taste, touch, smell, hearing, and sight.

The aspect of you that is termed the center is the sixth (seventh, eighth, ninth, etc) sense, or inner sight/sensation.

It can best be accessed by considering the other five senses as the perimeter of a circle and all things perceived there flow inward, literally, to the center.

The center is also a doorway through which influences not instigated by the conscious mind or from some other source can enter, be assessed, and assimilated into the understanding.

To activate your center consciously (most are already aware of it, but this awareness may not be conscious) it is necessary to consider the center as a watcher.

It will use all your five senses to assess not only how you react to others, but how others react to you. It is actively telepathic when you are clear of undisciplined attitudes and “Pavlov’s dog” mentality.’

It will take note of what you are spending your time thinking about and will pass, consciously, just exactly what is valid in terms of what you say, think, and do.

It will assess and reassess your reactions to circumstances.


Be aware, before commencing the following, that disciplines are ineffective unless a routine is established because the unconscious is attuned to patterns and will respond easily once the pattern of a conscious routine is rhythmic.

Therefore, until each technique is mastered, you will continue with the routine; proficiency is achieved when the pattern is integrated deeply and the technique transforms itself from practice to second nature.

At this time the awareness will have become assimilated into who you are and will become an addition to your sixth sense.

Set aside one hour each day and consciously recognize everything you think, do, say, and feel.

Imagine that you have an extra set of senses that acts as a camera and recorder, and work at storing all input received during this hour.

Later in the day, claim some quiet time to yourself, recall all the things that you recorded during your designated time, and write them down in an order such as:

what I saw;

what I heard;

what I smelled;

what I touched;

what I tasted;

what I thought about;

how I was feeling.

This nonjudgmental, external consciousness is called the Nemet and is like a beastie that sits on your shoulder.

When you have continued with this exercise for several days, you will find that you are automatically doing it all or most of the time.

You will be triggering the power of awareness,’ which will, as a matter of progression, actively trigger latent telepathic and intuitive faculties.

Remember that the center (and its ally, the Nemet) is totally nonjudgmental.

It is an observer and a conscious purveyor of how you react and respond within a manifest environment.

It will be your task, through your innate understanding of whether you can refine yourself, to act accordingly to whatever the watcher has relayed to you.

You may then eliminate or add as you see fit.

Take it slowly, as I have seen too many idealists, perfectionists, and impatient people turned into tortured souls, downright bigots, or self-righteous bores through lack of leeway and scope
and the ability, like the willow, to bend not only to circumstances but to ideas and principles that may have been set for you and not by you!

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