Begin by purifying yourself and the ritual area in whatever fashion is normal for
you. Place the Element symbols in their appropriate Quarters. A white candle to
honor the Lady should be placed on the altar along with an appropriately scented
incense and any necessary ritual tools. Candles in a color appropriate to specific
Full Moon energy may be added if you wish. For further information and
celebration ideas, see the individual Moon sections. Light the candles and
incense, purify and cast the Circle, and call the Watchtower Guardians to guard,
protect, and witness the ritual. Move to the center of the Circle, ground and
center, then say something like:

This is a place not a place, In a time not a time, The circle is sealed, By the words of this rhyme, And floating in Balance, Twixt both world tonight, I shall worship the mother, and bathe in her light.

Wait for a heartbeat or two, then stand with your arms and legs stretched outward
and your palms up. Invite the Mother Goddess into the Circle, saying something

Mother Goddess of both moon and star, Who rules all planet near and far, Who rules the earth and all within, Who sets the time our lives begin, Who brings us happiness and mirth, Who gives us value and self-worth, With every loving touch she gives, Unto this plane on which we live, Please descend from now above,And touch this circle with your love, Please join us in this sacred rite, O mother bring your love and light.

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