Scene of the Crime Spell

Hecate (pronounced “heh-ka-tay”) is a powerful goddess
whose dominion includes crime scenes, so she is present in
places where crimes have been committed. When a crime is
particularly unjust or gruesome, or remains unsolved, her
presence may linger in that place for many years.
This spell can be cast at the scene of any crime whose
perpetrator has not yet been caught. It should be cast at
night, because Hecate also has dominion over darkness. The
spell can be cast on any night, but it is best cast on a
Saturday. It is worded for a male criminal, but you can alter
the wording if a female or a group of perpetrators is
Note: It is said that Hecate is likely to give you what you
need—not necessarily what you ask for. For example, you
could want the criminal convicted and imprisoned, but she
could think it better to have him die in a shootout with the
police. The reverse is also possible. You might be thinking
about prison brutality or the death penalty when you cast
the spell, but she might decide that it is better for your karma
to have himevade the justice systemand pay for his crime in
some other way. You may never learn what outcome your
spell had, but you can be sure that Hecate is working to help
you. She is a very active goddess in the modern world, and
invoking her may form a permanent connection between
you. Be aware of these things before you decide to use this
spell. If you decide to proceed, this is what you will need:
three black candles
three sticks of incense, preferably patchouli
black pepper
a sharp lead pencil
a picture or other image of a black spider (If you draw
this yourself, use the lead pencil.)
black yarn or ribbon, cut into long pieces (The more
serious the crime, or the farther away the criminal is
suspected to be, the longer the pieces should be.)
one bottle of apple cider vinegar (Any type of
vinegar may be substituted, but that is the most
powerful kind to use for this spell.)
Optional: anything that the criminal touched or left
Optional: three eggs and three onions that have
been left overnight at the crime scene to absorb its
Use the pencil to carve the words “the criminal” into each of
the candles. Write it on them instead, if the pencil will not
penetrate the wax. It’s fine if the words are difficult to make
out on the candle.
Use the pieces of black yarn or ribbon to construct an
image that represents a spider’s web. It needn’t be accurate
or artistic, just something that seems like a spider web to
The Spell
Gather all of the spell ingredients, except the pencil, and
bring them to the crime scene. Get into a magickal mood.
Arrange the spider web on the ground, as close as possible
to the spot where the crime is thought to have taken place.
Position the candles upright in a triangle at the center of the
web. If you have something that the criminal touched, place
this in the middle of the triangle of candles—or near the
web, if it is a large item. Arrange the incense near the
candles, and place the spider on the web.
Raise power. Work widdershins to pour out the black
pepper so that it makes a circle around the web. As you do
this, visualize snaring the criminal in your web and bringing
him to justice. Light the candles and the incense. Watch
themburn for a bit, as you meditate on what happened at the
scene. Focus on justice catching up with the criminal, and
Great Mother Hecate,
Hear me, hear me, hear me,
In this place that was defiled
By the one who is reviled.
Seek him, find him,
Catch him, bind him!
Dark Mother Hecate,
Hear me, hear me, hear me.
Let the one sought
By justice be caught.
Hold him fast
In bonds that last.
Great Mother Hecate,
Seek him, find him,
Catch him, bind him!
So mote it be!
The candles and the incense will still be burning after you
cast the spell. While they burn, take the vinegar and begin
pouring or sprinkling it in every part of the crime scene that
feels as though it needs to be purified. Visualize the criminal
being caught. Imagine him in handcuffs, or sitting in the
back of a police car, or on trial, or behind bars, or wearing an
orange jumpsuit, or whatever image works for you. Pour as
much energy as you can into that image. Repeat the spell, if
that feels necessary to you.
Ground the power that you raised, once the candles and
the incense have burned down. If possible, leave everything
at the crime scene overnight, and clean up the area the next
morning. If the crime scene felt heavy with negative energy
before you cast the spell, you should find that it feels lighter
when you return to it.
The gods have their own sense of time, so be patient while
you wait expectantly for this spell to manifest. Be mindful
that justice can take other forms besides those that the
criminal justice systemmetes out.
Optional: To thank Hecate for hearing your request, offer
her the eggs and onions that were left overnight at the crime
scene. Do this by taking them to a crossroads where three
roads meet and leaving them beside the road for her on the
night of a Full Moon.
Do not take these offerings home or keep themin your car,
because that may forge an unwanted link between you and
the criminal. Leave them outdoors, preferably at or near the
crime scene, until you take them to the crossroads. It’s fine if
someone takes them or if animals eat them before the Full

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