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Astral Travel

This is one of those things that can be a little strange on our path. It’s not exactly a gift because anyone can learn to do it. It’s not exactly a skill either because it can happen unconsciously.

What is astral travel? Astral travel is that allows a part of the spirit, the ka, to travel to other places without the body. I know the idea of this cn freak some people out, so let’s talk about it.

I’ve heard people are afraid to astral travel out of fear of loosing their spirit. On connection to this, some fear that they will loose their way and not be able to find their way back to their body. Neither of which can happen. When you astral travel there is a silver cord that attaches the ka to the body. This cord cannot be cut, misdirected or moved so that you end up going somewhere else. This cord is a permanent part of the overall ba, or spirit, that remains with the body until death.

Dying during astral travel is another fear expressed by some. Unless you have an underlying health condition, death isn’t possible. Even with a health condition, the chances of death during astral travel are no greater than simply going to sleep.

Another fear I often hear, and it’s the last one I promise, is that something could follow your ka, or follow the cord, back to your body. This simply can’t happen. First off the cord isn’t a straight line except for you. In fact, if you look back at it during astral travel it bends, turns and curves in a multitude of directions. However, when you decide to return it becomes a straight line, so you can’t get lost. Secondly, you’re the only one who can see, feel or sense your cord. Basically, it is impossible for another to follow your ka or your cord back to your body.

Why astral travel? Astral travel gives you access to places you can’t get to on the physical realm. It is a way to learn and explore things you otherwise couldn’t. Astral travel can also put you in contact with other beings, given the realm you visit. This means you can come in contact with other travelers, spirits, angels and even Gods. This allows a great opportunity for learning things you might otherwise never able to learn.

How do you astral travel? There are a lot of techniques you can use, but here I’m going to give you the one I was first taught. Without the education that comes with this technique youll miss the steps that lead you to the more advanced techniques being easier to do.

Now, the first thing is you have to abandon any fear you may have. Fear is a good way to assure failure. If it helps, in the beginning, you can keep a protective stone, use a protective incense, or cast a circle.

Secondly when you’re just beginning you need quiet and stillness. Noise and movement, such as a snoring spouse or a cat moving around, can be distracting which leads to failure. This isn’t as much of an issue as you gain confidence but for now keep this in mind.

Now that you’re ready let me give you a simple technique that’ll help you start your astral travel journey.

Find a dark quiet room. Set a candle to where the top of the candle is at eye level. Breathe deep and relax. Light the candle. At the base of the flame you will notice a gap between the flame and the top of the candle. Gaze into this gap. Don’t stare, don’t force it. Just simply see into that gap. As you gaze you’ll feel yourself pull away from the candle. This is the beginning of your ka pulling away from the body, ready to travel. You may have to try several times but you’ll eventually find yourself able to travel.

It’s a really simple process to start to astral travel. Try it and have fun!

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