Cauldron Spirit

Many Witches pour a bit of ordinary surgical spirit (rubbing alcohol) into their cast iron cauldrons and light it carefully dropping in a lit match.

This is often done as part of healing rituals, invocations to the elemental spirit of fire, scrying divinations, sabbat fire festivals, and various working rituals.

(Note: A quarter cup of alcohol will burn for approximately three minutes.)

Be sure that the cauldron is resting securely on a fireproof stand and is not close to any flammable substances.

Do not touch the cauldron while it is hot unless you cover your hands with protective oven mitts.

If the fire must be extinguished before it burns itself out, smother it by covering the cauldron with a lid or by sprinkling salt or sand over the flames.

Remember, whenever working with the element of fire, use caution and common sense, and respect the spirits of the flame.

The sight of a cauldron blazing with fire can be very magical and mesmerizing, and when the alcohol has been steeped in aromatic herbs, a
sweet but gentle incense-like fragrance is produced.

To make an herbal cauldron spirit, put a small bunch of any or all of the following into a glass bottle: fresh lavender flowers and leaves, fresh mint leaves, fresh rosemary flowers and leaves, and fresh thyme flowers and leaves.

Fill the bottle to the top with the alcohol, cap it tightly, and then give it a good shake.

Keep it in a cool place for thirteen days, shaking it twice daily (every sunrise and moonrise).

Strain it through a double thickness of muslin into a clear bottle.

Cap it and store it away from heat and flame. Cauldron’s spirit will keep indefinitely.

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