Magickal Tools

Charging an object

Sit down in an area with no distractions.
Hold the object in your hands. Feel the whole object all around, notice its details and intricacies.
Now, imagine all of your energy coursing through every inch of your body. Focus on that energy, then visualize that energy pouring from your hands into the object. Imagine that this energy is filling up the object.

Sometimes, particularly in spellwork, you should charge the object with your intention. To do this, you do the same thing, but while you’re visualizing your energy filling up the object, concentrate on what kind of energy you want the object to have. Enchanting something for a love spell? Fill your mind with thoughts of romance and intimacy, and let that energy fill up the object. Cursing someone? Focus on your hatred for the target, or the pain you’d like them to experience.

Do this until you feel like the object is “full”. The amount of energy you will need to charge it completely will vary depending on the object and your intention. Trust your intuition to let you know when you can stop. 

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