Charm Magick / Tree Magick

Charm Ball

The charm ball that you make represents your
new self with all its dreams and aspirations.
Each year, as you replace it with a new one, it
then becomes a representation of the troubles
and difficulties of the previous year. It is similar
to the Sun Wheel used during the Sabbat

performed at Litha. You burn the old one on a
bonfire of straw, ash twigs and acorns (see ash
and oak above and below).
Hawthorn twigs
White ribbon
✤ As you fashion and weave the ball by
bending and interlocking the twigs, visualize
what you want for you and yours, and how
you wish the coming year to be.
✤ Finish it off by tying it with the white ribbon.
✤ Hang it in a window or doorway

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