Earth is going through an initiation at this time.

You are going through an initiation because you are part of Earth.

You cannot separate yourself from the earth system.

Earth is transforming itself.

Earth intending to act as a domino for your solar system.

Earth is intending to merge multiple worlds into one, to be grounded enough to allow all those worlds to exist and to translate the experience.

This is what Earth is up to.

So, of course, you all must be up to the same thing.

The test, the initiation-and initiation always means to move through another reality to conquer it.

To transmute earth is to be faced with the energies and entities that seemingly are of incredible darkness.

To understand that they are coming to merge with you because they are you.

They are part of your multidimensional self, and you are the standard-bearer.

You are light.

Dark will come to light.

You have come to be the standard-bearer of your soul, the portion of your soul that is going to lead.

That portion of your soul says, “I set the pace here, and the pace is light and information; no more being in the dark.

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