Tree Magick


Also known as May tree, white thorn,
haegthorn and quickthorn, this is one of the
most wild, enchanted and sacred of trees. It can
live to a great age, becoming gnarled in the
process. Hawthorn is traditionally used to
make psychic shields for the innocent and
vulnerable, particularly children – often at
puberty when the youngster may be
particularly sensitive.
The hawthorn tree is associated with the
sacred as well as with inauspicious events.
Because the hawthorn guarded the celestial
fire, to destroy a hawthorn was to incur the
wrath of the gods. Wands made of this wood
are of great power. The blossoms are highly
erotic to men. Hawthorn can be used for
protection, love and marriage spells. You can
make a charm ball, which incorporates these, at
first light at Samhain.

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