Healthy Clan Spell

Who constitutes your clan? Whose health and well-being is
important to you? Does your clan only include close family
members, or does it encompass friends, pets, neighbors,
colleagues, distant relatives, or others?
Whomever your clan includes, this spell is for all of you.
Be realistic in your expectations of it, though. It will
encourage wellness, but it will not prevent your clan
members fromever falling ill or getting injured.
You can use this spell whenever you like, but it is best
cast in sunshine. Charge the candle the first time on a
Sunday or on a sunny day while the Moon is waxing (the
period between New Moon and Full Moon; use a calendar
to determine this). You will need:
a large green pillar candle (If you use a scented
candle, try make it one with an herbal or evergreen
some olive oil
a carving tool
Optional: dried life everlasting flowers
Meditate, and determine who the members of your clan are.
The Spell
When you are ready, gather the spell materials, and get into
a magickal mood. Create sacred space around the area where
you will be working. Carve the name of each clan member
into the candle. Don’t forget to carve your own name, as
well. If you are able to do this, also carve an image of a
serpent or the right Eye of Horus into the candle.
Brush the candle off, and anoint it with the olive oil. Rub it
from the top to the middle, and then from the bottom to the
middle, until the entire candle has been dressed. Hold the
candle by its wick, and place it upright on your altar, or
wherever you plan to keep it. If you are using life everlasting
flowers, work deosil to arrange them around the base of the
candle after the oil has dried.
Raise power, and light the candle. Concentrate on
focusing positive, life-giving solar energy into it. If it helps
your visualization, stand in sunshine while you do this.
Regard the candle and say:
Power of light,
Candle burn bright.
As it glows,
Our health grows.
Visualize the candle’s energy reaching each person whose
name has been inscribed upon it. When your visualization is
complete, and you feel that the candle is properly charged,
extinguish it, and ground the power that you raised.
You can light the candle daily, or whenever you wish to
send positive energy to the members of your clan. Each time
that you light it, say:
By the power of the Sun,
I wish good health for everyone.
Allow the candle to burn as long as feels necessary to you,
and then extinguish it.
To renew this candle’s magick, place it in the Sun for a few
hours, and then re-anoint it with olive oil.

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