Aidônaia (Lady of the Underworld)
Anassa eneroi (Queen of those Below, Queen of the Dead)
Angelos (Messenger)
Antaia (the One in Front)
Antania (Enemy of mankind or Sender of Nocturnal Dreams)
Atalos (Tender, Delicate)
Brimo (Angry One)
Dadophoros (Torch bearer)
Despoina (Lady)
Epiphanestate Thea (Most Manifest Goddess)
Enodia (Of the Roads, Of the Paths)
Erodia (Gatekeeper)
Khthonia/Chthonian (Underworld, Of The Earth)
Kleidouchos (Keeper of the Keys)
Kleidophoros (Key Bearer)
Koure mounogenes (Only Begotten Maiden)
Krataiis (Strong One)
Kurotrophos (Protector of Children)
Liparokrêdemnos (Bright-coiffed, With Bright Headband)
Monogenes (Only Child)
Nyktipolos (Night Wandering)
Nykipolos Khthonie (Night Wanderer of the Underworld
Perseis (Destroyer)
Phosphoros (the light-bringer)
Propolos (Guide, Attendant Who Leads)
Propylaia (the Guardian, The One Before the Gate)
Prothuraea (Before the Door)
Skylakagetis (Leader of the Dogs)
Soteira (Saviour),
Trevia/Trivia/Trioditis (Of The Three Ways, Of the Three Roads),
Tricephalus (The Three-Headed),
Trimorphis (Three Formed, Three Bodied),
Trioditis (Of the Crossroads),
Zerynthia (Of Mt Zerynthia)

Other Epithets
The Distant One
Queen of Night
Night Mother
Queen of the Ghosts
Queen of the Witches
Mother of Witches
Mistress of Magic
Most Lovely One
Prytania The Invincible Queen Of The Dead

torches, keys, rope, knife, dogs, snakes

dogs, owls, crows, snakes, frogs, the toad (conception), snakes (guardian and underworld), dogs (guarding and hunting)

yew, cypress, hazel, black poplar, willow, black dogs, black
bulls, black lambs, myrrh, civet, camphor, aloe, menstrual blood, red
mullet, bread, eggs, cheese, honey, garlic, apples, figs, pomegranate

Primary Cult Center(s):
Lagina, Miletus, Argos, Eleusis, Aigina

Hecatesia or Hekate’s Night (celebrated on different dates – August 13 or 16, November 16)
Dark Moon – last day of the lunar month (Deipnon)
Day of Hekate at the Crossroads (October 31 or November 30)
The last day of the calendar month
December 31 – Roman

Ways to honor:
Keep sacred the Deipnon and Her festivals.
Study Her history, search for the truth of Her origins.
Study magic and prophecy, particularly theurgy, as she is the
patron of that art.
Go for walks at night, or among strange places.
Aid fellow travelers and strangers, especially if they have dogs. (Or
are wild dogs!)
Appreciate the weird and uncanny.

A Simple Way to Honor Hekate by Pythia Hecateira
(copyright E A Kaufman 2010)

In whatever guise Hekate presents Herself to you, regular devotions are an important part of spiritual practice. A simple, basic way to do this is offered here for you.

You may perform your rite indoors or outside; if working indoors, take and leave the offerings and libation outside. Offerings of any of the following or combination thereof are suggested: garlic, eggs, almonds, barley, pomegranate and/or seeds, figs, dates, apples and olives as well as the wood and/or leaves of willow and yew. A libation can also made to Hekate. Prepare wine, cider or even tea, laced with honey, spices and herbs. I am drawn to use dark sweet spices such as cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg and, for some reason, oregano. Prepare the offering plate and libation in advance.

Begin by sitting in some quiet place, lighting a candle and incense. I suggest calling out Hekate’s various titles as listed above under appellations – choose those that most resonate with your experience of Her; She presents Herself to each of us differently. Invocations, poetry and/or song may be offered as well as quiet contemplation. Petitions can be made and meditative or other workings done, including divination. When you have finished, take the offerings outside after making a blessing over them. The libation should be placed in an offering cup or chalice, placed on the ground and gently tipped over to flow into the earth. The offerings should be placed directly on the ground as well. These offerings and libation can be left at a place you find sacred. A crossroads is an especially powerful place to leave the offerings for Hekate; a quiet intersection, where you can place them safely, would be appropriate. A entranceway, opening in a fence or gate, as well outside your door would also be appropriate. When you have placed the offerings and made your libation, walk away and do not look back, especially if you have made some petition.

Give thanks, snuff your candles and have something to eat to ground the energy you have raised. As Dion Fortune said and I paraphrase, there is nothing like food to ground the magic and bring one back to the mundane.

Invocations, Prayers & Poetry:

I have included some invocations if you would like to include them.

The Orphic Hymn To Hekate
I invoke you, beloved Hekate of the Crossroads and the Three Ways
Saffron-cloaked Goddess of the Heavens, the Underworld and the Sea
Tomb-frequenter, mystery-raving with the souls of the dead
Daughter of Perses, Lover of the Wilderness who exults among the deer
Nightgoing One, Protectress of dogs, Unconquerable Queen
Beast-roarer, Dishevelled One of compelling countenance
Tauropolos, Keyholding Mistress of the whole world
Ruler, Nymph, Mountain-wandering Nurturer of youth.
Maiden, I beg you to be present at these sacred rites
Ever with a gladsome heart and ever gracious to the Oxherd.

Hymn to Hekate
Hail, many-named Mother of the Gods, whose children are fair.
Hail, mighty Hekate of the Threshold.
Shape the course of my life with luminous Light
And make it laden with good things,
Drive sickness and evil from my limbs.
And when my soul rages about worldly things,
Deliver me purified by Your soul-stirring rituals.
Yes, give me Your hand I pray
And reveal to me the pathways of divine guidance that I long for,
Then shall I gaze upon that precious Light
Whence I can flee the evil of our dark origin.
Yes, give me Your hand I pray,
And when I am weary bring me to the haven of piety with your winds.
Hail, many-named Mother of the Gods, whose children are fair.
Hail, mighty Hekate of the Threshold.
Proclus Diadochus (410-485 AD)
Hymn VI: To Hekate and Janus adapted by E A Kaufman 2008

Invocation to Hekate
Hekate of the Three Ways, I invoke You,
Maiden of the Land, the Underworld & the Seas as well,
Chthonia, Enodia, Phosphoros,
Propylaia, Atropaios, Propolos,
She of the Saffron Robe & beautiful hair,
Nocturnal One, Keeper of the Keys,
Hekate, hear me.
Upon this night, the path is open.
Approach the Crossroads of the Worlds and be with me.
Keeper of Ancient Wisdom,
She who guides the Souls of the Dead across the River.
You who are
Black as Night, Red as Blood, Wise as time everlasting,
You who are the Pale Mother,
Be present at this my Hallowed Rite.
I bow to You, Lady.
With scent & flame I make offerings to You.
With honey & cider I pour a libation to You.
I have given my blood that You may know me,
Keep me,
For I am one of Your especial breed.
I bow before You, Hekate,
Come, Hear me, Know my Name,
Be with Me.

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