Herbal Magick

Herbal Uses


Attracting men: Jasmine, juniper (dried berries
worn as a charm), lavender, lemon verbena,
lovage, orris root, patchouli
Attracting women: Henbane, holly, juniper
(dried berries worn as a charm), lemon
verbena, lovage, orris root, patchouli
Banishing: Hyssop, lilac, St John’s Wort
Cleansing: Cinnamon, clove, lovage
(powdered root), pine, thyme (in baths),
vervain (of sacred spaces)
Courage: Basil, garlic, mullein, nettle, St John’s
Wort, thyme, wormwood, yarrow
Exorcism: Angelica, basil, birch, frankincense,
juniper, garlic, St John’s Wort
Fertility: Acorns, geranium, hawthorn,
mandrake, orange (dried and powdered peel),
pine, poppy, sage, sunflower (seeds)
Friendship: Lemon, rose, passionflower
Good fortune: Ash (leaves), heather, nutmeg,
rose, vetivert
Happiness: Anise, catnip, lily of the valley,
marjoram, saffron
Harmony: Hyacinth, heliotrope, lilac,
Healing: Aloe, ash, camomile, cinnamon,
comfrey, eucalyptus, fennel, garlic, hops,
marjoram, mint, nettle, pine, rosemary, saffron,
sage, sandalwood, thyme, yarrow
Hex-breaking: Chilli pepper, galangal,
Love: Apple, Balm of Gilead, basil, caraway,
catnip, coriander, cowslip, dill, gardenia,
ginger, ginseng, honeysuckle, jasmine,
lavender, linden, marigold, marjoram,
meadowsweet, mistletoe, myrtle, rose,
rosemary, valerian, vervain, violet (mixed with
lavender), yarrow
Luck: Apple, ash (leaves), hazel, holly (for
newly-weds), ivy (for newly-weds), mint, rose,
rowan, vervain, violet (flowers)
Lust: Cinnamon, lemongrass, nettle, rosemary,
Meditation: Camomile, elecampane,
frankincense, vervain
Mental powers: Caraway, lily of the valley,
rosemary, vanilla, walnut
Money: Camomile, cinnamon, clove, comfrey,
fennel, ginger, mint, poppy, vervain
Peace: Aloe, camomile, gardenia, lavender,
myrtle, violet
Power: Carnation, cinnamon, ginger, rosemary,
Prosperity: Acorn, almond, ash, basil, benzoin,
Note: There are so many herbs suitable for the
next three categories and the choice is such a
personal one that only a few suggestions are
included. Your own further research will very
much enhance your magical workings.
Protection: Aloe, angelica (root), anise, Balm
of Gilead, basil, bay laurel, black pepper,

caraway, camomile, dill (for children),
dragon’s blood, fennel, garlic, hawthorn, holly,
hyssop, lavender, mandrake, meadowsweet,
mistletoe, mugwort, nettle, periwinkle, rose,
rosemary, rowan, sage, St John’s Wort,
sandalwood, vervain, witch hazel, wormwood
Psychic powers: Ash (leaves), bay laurel, bay
leaves, cinnamon, cowslip, elecampane,
eyebright, hyssop, lavender, marigold,
mugwort, nutmeg, rose, thyme, wormwood,
Purification: Anise, betony, cinquefoil,
dragon’s blood, frankincense, hyssop,
lavender, lemon, oak leaves, pine, rosemary,
rue, sandalwood, thyme, valerian, vervain
Success: Cinnamon, ginger, lemon balm,
Sleep: Catnip, hops, lavender, thyme, valerian,
Spirituality: Cinnamon, clover, frankincense,
myrrh, sandalwood
Wisdom: Peach (fruit), sage, sunflower

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