Information on Smudging

Smudge sticks are moved to where the fragrant smoke
is needed. In rituals, you would use the cardinal
points. Walk around slowly, wafting the smoke into
the corners of the room as you do so. (You may have to
keep blowing on the lit end to keep it burning.) As you
blow, remember that you are using the principle of Air.
You can also direct the smoke with either of your
hands, the small branch of a plant, or even a special
crystal or stone. Amber can also be used – especially
appropriate as it is a resin from a plant. This action
should get rid of any negative vibrations at the same
time as energizing the protective frequencies.
If you want to smudge a friend (or yourself),
waft the smoke all around the body, starting at
the head and gradually moving down to the feet.
Move in a clockwise direction because this
creates positivity. You can direct the smoke with
your hand or a feather or whatever feels good
for you. A seashell is a good idea since it
represents the Goddess. You can also chant or
sing at this time. Whatever you do, do it with a
pure mind and spirit. When you have finished,
keep the bundle safe until it has extinguished
itself and then open a window to clear the space.

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