Fairy Magick

Invisibility through fairy magic

This ritual is originally found in the 1584 Discoverie of Witchcraft. I have modernized the English but left the original spell as it is.

(Note: this is a separate experiment with Sibylia.)

This is the way to go invisible by these three sisters of fairies. (Sibylia, Milia, and Achilia.) In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy ghost. First go to a faire parlor or chamber, & an even ground, and in no loft, and from people nine days; for it is the better: and let all thy clothing be clean and sweet.

Then make a candle of virgin wax, and light it, and make a faire fire of charcoals, in a faire place, in the middle of the parlor or chamber. Then take faire clean water, that runneth against the east, and set it upon the fire: and when thou washest thy self, say these words, going about the fire, three times, holding the candle in the right hand: + Panthon + Graton + Muriton + Bisecognaton + Siston +
Diaton + Maton + Tetragrammaton + Agla + Agarion + Tegra + Pentessaron + Tendicata. Then rehearse these names: + Sorthie + Sorthia + Sorthios + Milia + Achilia + Sibylia + in nomine patris, & filii, & spiritus sancti, Amen. I conjure you three sisters of fairies, Milia, Achilia, Sibylia, by the father, by the son, and by the Holy-ghost, and by their virtues and powers, and by the most merciful and living god, that will command his Angel to blow the trumpet at the day of judgement; and he shall say, Come, come, come to judgement; and by all Angels, archangels, thrones, dominations, principalities, potentates, virtues, cherubim and seraphim, and by their virtues and powers.

I conjure you three sisters, by the virtue of all the real words aforesaid: I charge you that you do appear before me visibly, in form and shape of faire women, in white vestures, and to bring with you to me, the ring of invisibility, by the which I may go invisible at mine ownwill and pleasure, and that in all hours, and minutes: in nomine patris, & filii, & spiritus sancti, Amen.

Being appeared, say this bond following: O blessed
virgins + Milia + Achilia + I conjure you in the name of the father, in the name of the son, and in the name of the Holy-ghost, and by their virtues I charge you to depart from me in peace, for a time. And Sibylia, I conjure thee, by the virtue of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by the virtue of his flesh and precious blood, that he took of our blessed lady the virgin, and by all the holy company in heaven: I charge thee Sibylia, by all the virtues aforesaid, that thou be obedient unto me, in the name of God; that when, and at what time and place I shall call thee by this foresaid conjuration written in thisbook, look thou be ready to come unto me, at all hours and minutes, and to bring unto me the ring of invisibility, whereby I may go invisible at my will and pleasure, and that at all hours and minutes; Fiat, fiat, Amen.

And if they come not the first night, then do the same the second night, and so the third night, until they do come: for doubtless they will come, and lie thou in thy bed, in the same parlor or chamber. And lay thy right hand out of the bed and look that thou have a faire silken kerchief bound about thy head, and be not afraid, they will do thee no harm. For there will come before you three fair and beautiful women, and all in white clothing; and one of them will put a ring upon thy finger, wherewith thou shalt go invisible. Then with speed bind them with the bond aforesaid. When thou hast this ring on thy finger, look in a glass, (mirror) and thou shalt not see thy self. And when thou wilt go invisible, put it on thy finger, the same finger that they did put it on, and every new MOON renew it again. For after the first time thou shalt ever have it, and ever begin this work in the new of the MOON and in the hour of JUPITER and the MOON in CANCER, SAGGITARIUS, or PISCES.

*Note, instead of heating water as mentioned above, one could adopt the method to take a hot ritual bath in place of this

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