Moon Magick

Luna Moon World

Luna is the purest of the Moon Worlds. It is where the Soul is taken to rest and be renewed. It is the place of eternal youth. Here there is union with the Gods and with those Strega who have gone before.

The portal to Luna is in the West, beyond the sunset and beyond the Ocean. Luna is a place of beautiful forests and meadows. A place of clear streams, rivers and lakes. Nature spirits inhabit these places as do all beautiful creatures of ancient myth and legend. In Luna it is always Summer, hence its other name of the Summerlands.

Each Soul experiences Luna in the manner which is most suited to its life experience. This is as it should be.

We must realize that the Moon is not truly the World of Luna but only a symbol. From the Physical World, and by the physical senses, you can never see or know the World of Luna. 

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