Personal Relationships with Spirits & Deities

Here are a few pointers to strengthen your relationship with them.

Meditate. First and foremost, you need to have an alright grasp on quieting your mind. You need to have an idea of where your mind wanders and how to clear unwanted thoughts. It also helps calm yourself and prepare your mind to enter a different state of consciousness (like flipping a switch). This makes it easier to contact deities and spirits that may be on another realm of existence.
Offerings. And I mean frequently. Not only does it please them, but can invite them into your life and make them more willing to work with you, or be in favor. Its a gesture of honor and goodwill, and shows you are willing to give freely. You can give foods, drinks, sacrifices, incense, burn a candle, make them something. You can also give non-physical offerings such as energy, or sing them a song you wrote for them. It’s quite limitless, and you can use your imagination!
Get to know their personality and what they like. Do research. There’s lots of resources out there. What color do they prefer? What is their element? What is their patron animal? Patron flower? Do they have a sigil? What do they NOT like? What should you avoid when working with them? All these are helpful when invoking a deity or trying to get them to favor you.
Talk to them on a regular basis. Ask them questions. Be sincere with what you want out of your relationship with them. Even if you do not get an answer, it does not mean they aren’t listening.
Set Boundaries. This is more for working with nature spirits, ghosts, and daemons, or things of the like. It’s alright to ask them to come at a different time, or to tell them to leave. Sometimes, you might need to offer a libation (i.e. I’ll give you bay leaves if you promise not to come in my dreams anymore).

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