Oil Magick

Ritual Bathing

One way in which essential oils can be used is in
preparation for ritual and spell making. Magical
practitioners know that ritual bathing is an
intrinsic part of any working and that they
should come to their work as pure and unsullied
as possible. Purification baths are not about
personal cleanliness, but are part of
acknowledging that the power and energy will
flow more freely through a cleansed ‘vessel’.

Essential oils have within them all four of the
Elements, a fact that many people like to
acknowledge. They are products of the Earth,
having been distilled they flow (Water), they
will burn (Fire) and they release perfume (Air).
When the water and salt – which also has a
cleansing effect – of a ritual bath are combined,
we have a perfect vehicle for cleansing our
subtle energies.
Below are some ideas for you to try as blends
for use in your ritual bath. The particular
blends do have different effects, depending on
the individual, so experiment until you find the
one that suits you best. Make sure the oils are
well blended.

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