Mirror Magick / Spells

See the Demon in Yourself with a Mirror’

You will need the following items for this spell:

Blue LED Lights (older the better)
Or a old TV that has a blue no signal screen
Night Time
Complete Darkness (until use of blue light)
In the shadow of the earth(night) get to small room, or a very big room no in between. Have a mirror in front of you. Turn all lights off and get used to the darkness. Best to do it late night so you are tired. Pay attention to the colors in the dark, you need to at least have the third eye halfway open to get the energys in your control. For more instruction on that look for Colors Of Power. Collect Blue; the color of knowledge. Look deeply and closely at the mirror and look for your reflection. Then turn on the blue light source. Blink deeply and look for an image made of blue over your reflection. Meditate staring at the mirror and see what your dark side is. Try not to freak out, it will look at you. But it can’t do nothing to you. But through you, at this point your only looking at it not embracing. Please do contact me to tell me what it looked like. I have begun a study to find out what the characteristics of them are and the variety that exists. Mine was a skeleton. Fell back freaked out at first. Calm is always the right way.

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